Monday, November 19, 2018

Wedding Ceremony - Selecting a Wedding Chapel

If you have not had a religious upbringing, are marrying someone of a different religion or culture, or simply would rather select a different venue, it is important to research available options, such as a wedding chapel.

Most chapels have a host of different officiates who can provide the appropriate wedding ceremony to suit your specific needs. The majority are designed in church-style even if you want a non-denominational ceremony.

Following are tips on selecting a wedding chapel:

Determine your preference.

Chapels advertise features, such as stained glass windows, oak flooring, historical buildings, chandeliers and more. If you would prefer a modern building, it is possible to find chapels that are less traditional, such as those that are located in art galleries, but you will need to thoroughly research to get a decent deal.

Calculate the number of guests.

Wedding chapels come in various sizes, and you must calculate how many guests will require seating at your wedding before committing to a particular chapel. The majority of chapels seat between 100 to 150 guests.

Select the location.

Select the location of your wedding chapel. There are numerous choices in cities and towns, but you may opt for a more natural or dramatic position. There are some located anywhere from the Smoky Mountains to Hawaiian beaches, from Lake Tahoe to Disneyland!

Consider military connections.

If you have connections to the military, you could consider holding your wedding in a military chapel on a military base. There are long waiting lists for these facilities, but they are usually free (except for a charitable donation).

Some facilities offer a choice of wedding chapels depending on your religion, however, there may be restrictions on decorations or the numbers of guests allowed.

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